Szenografie - Messestand , Cersaie
  • Stadt, Land
  • Bologna, Italien
  • Jahr
  • 2017
  • Autor
  • Novoceram
  • Beschreibung
  • A case with refined and dynamic lines is set in the aisles of the 2017 Cersaie Edition, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, welcome to the Origami booth where Novoceram has chosen to present its new 2018.
    As a bridge between tradition and modernity, Origami has its own narrative force. This ancestral art of folding embodies a savoir-faire to transform raw material into sculptural and poetic work with patience, precision and dexterity. So many elements in the philosophy of Novoceram. The Origami Booth stands up in a pure, rhythmic, intelligible and harmonious form, hiding in its heart an intimate and welcoming space.
    Dressed in the Oz Clair Collection, the entrance is spacious and refined. In A suggestive vacuum which is not without reminding the traditional Japanese house, there are complex and delicate origamis in harmony with soothing hues. Behind the reception a shoji, translucent sliding walls reinforce the Japanese atmosphere that hangs in the origami booth.
    On both sides of the entrance, internal courtyards in which two magnificent erables from Japan illustrate harmony with the omnipresent Nature, bringing an almost magical appearance.
    By following the courtyards, we arrive at a long corridor dedicated to Outdoor Plus collections. On the walls, all collections in 2 cm thick are presented in a game of perspective while on the ground, Otto, new 2018, exhibits its minimalist and elegant appearance.
    In the living room, ceramics fish swim and give the idea of movement despite their immobility. On the ground and on the wall, the Fast collection, a sleek and contemporary tiling.
    Each room doubles from a « counter-space », intimate, here is the Tablon collection for the interior which is presented, following the lines of the envelope.
    The second part of the booth, in perfect symmetry of the first one, presents Tango, a tile with scratched metal that comes to life to light.